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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find general answers to questions regarding calls.

Evaluation procedure

  • All proposals submitted by the deadline will first be reviewed by the GFF to ensure that they meet the formal criteria.
  • The GFF will assemble a jury of at least five independent external experts.
  • The expert evaluation is carried out by the jury members and/or (if necessary) by additional independent external experts selected by the GFF. The evaluation will be based on the defined assessment criteria.
  • A total of two to three expert opinions are prepared for each project proposal.
  • In a final jury meeting, the final selection of the funded proposals is made on the basis of the expert opinions.
  • The supervisory board of GFF confirms the selection of the funded proposals and the funding.
  • The grant agreement is signed between GFF and the beneficiary on the basis of the legal basis applicable to this call.

Funding period

  • Project start

The project must start within 6 months of signing the grant agreement. In justified exceptional cases, this deadline may be extended after consultation with GFF and by submitting a written (informal) application.

  • Reporting

The annual reports are prepared and submitted by the funding recipients in the GFF submission system (

  • Funding rates

Funding rates are paid annually in advance, with 10% of the total funding amount being paid out after review of the final report.

  • Closure

Closing the project takes place through the submission of the final report by the funding recipients in the GFF submission system (

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