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About GFF

The Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich m.b.H., as the research promotion agency of the province of Lower Austria, contributes significantly to achieving the strategic goals of the province of Lower Austria through its objective, transparent and service-oriented achievements in the field of science and research. GFF NÖ is an important partner in sustainably expanding research and development activities in Lower Austria, promoting internationally outstanding research, strengthening the business location and its innovative power, and supporting the interaction between science and research with society.

The Wissenschaft Zukunft Preis (WZP) of the Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich (Society for Research Promotion Lower Austria) has been awarded for academic theses on an annually changing topic since 2014.
For 2022 the Wissenschaft Zukunft Preis (WZP) has been realigned in terms of content. The new WZP has no thematic restriction, covers all scientific disciplines and exclusively awards academic theses that have been assessed as "very good" and are related to Lower Austria in terms of content:

GFF NÖ sees it as its task to accompany people on their way into science:

  • With annual calls for funding in basic research, applied research, research infrastructure and for the establishment of innovative research partnerships.
  • With scholarships to support the time of study and possibly stays abroad, or also with social scholarships:
  • Also for those who are looking for a topic for their thesis, whether for Bachelor, Master or PhD, we offer with the topic exchange the possibility to choose a topic relevant to our state, and related advice and support:

For all those who are working in a Lower Austrian research institution or a researching company after having completed their education, the contact to us remains. Annually announced calls for research funds in basic and applied research enable the financing of research projects within the framework of the state's RTI strategy. Transparent allocation ensures fair competition.

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